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But the media won’t let y’all ever see this


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a legendary pop music anthem that your faves could never touch

This blog supports Black women being selfish as fuck with their time and energy.


This Tumblr fully supports, “I don’t feel like it” as a perfectly viable reason for a Black woman not to go out of her way to do a damn thing for somebody who ain’t doing shit for her.

Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.
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"The Book of Negroes" Miniseries First Official Trailer.

The series is a film adaption of Canadian author Lawrence Hill’s award-winning novel The Book of Negroes. The book, which won the top 2008 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, follows the story of Aminata Diallo, a young girl in Segou, Mali, kidnapped, enslaved and transported on a ship to the United States.

Like most enslaved Africans in the Americas, Diallo’s experience is marred by the cruelty of the racist white supremacist system of the time. But what stands out about this fictional tale is that Diallo becomes one of the few African-Americans to record her name in the “Book of Negroes" - an actual historic document that was used to record the names of enslaved African-Americans who managed to escape to British territory during the American Revolutionary War. After serving the British, these individuals were eventually evacuated and relocated to Sierra Leone and other British colonies.

These Black Loyalists, as they are now referred to, that settled in Sierra Leone have their descendents in the Creole or Krio population of the country. Once such loyalist was Henry Washington, a former slave of George Washington, who escaped slavery and eventually settled in Freetown, Sierra Leone. There, he led a rebellion against the colonial British government which led to him being banished to another part of the country.

The Book of Negroes, largely filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, is due to make its debut at Cannes in October before eventually being screened on BET in the United States. The miniseries stars Aunjanue Ellis, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lou Gossett Jr.

i loved this book. hope the movie stays true to it!

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